I like quirky men and curvy women, stretched ears and tattoos, sex (with my lover) and making espresso con panna.
  • I don’t know about my love. I don’t know about my lovin’ anymore.

  • knew it.

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  • sunny-pomeranian:

    I’m a wolf!

    I wish Malchers would howl!

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  • Yes, I’ll live here, please.

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  • hnnng…I’m tearing up, this makes me so intensely hungry.

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  • feminally:






    If White People Were Described Like People Of Color In Literature

    the last one

    Sam were we not just talking about my white skin YESTERDAY

    You are a nice shade of “soft part of the bagel” as I do recall..

    Finally a post that encapsulates my sepulchral pallor!



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  • That’s it I’m saving up for a tattoo and I want it to cover my entire shoulder.